How Society Is Convincing You to Have Body Image Issues and How to Move Past It

How Society Is Convincing You to Have Body Image Issues and How to Move Past It

Picture your “ideal” body type. The one you see on Instagram and TikTok and say, “Wow, I wish I looked like her. Damn genetics.”


The one that society tells you has the perfect proportions, fat distribution, everything.


Got it?


Now imagine that every single one of the almost 4 billion women that are on this Earth right now looked like that.


You may be thinking, “Finally! I can stop comparing my body to everyone else.”.


But what if, there were a few women that started to change how they look. Their body shapes change and start gaining positive attention. And now, those women have the “ideal” body type. You might say then that there is no such thing as an ideal body type, and body image issues are an illusion. 


And my friend, you’d be correct.


Body Image and Social Media


Look, we won’t sugar coat it. Society has been that little judgemental voice in your head your entire life. Beauty standards have changed at least 11 times in the last 1,000 years. From a slim frame and a flat chest to voluptuous curves and a big booty. They’ve demanded it all. But it doesn’t make sense, in any era, to have these super specific standards put on any and everyone. 


We are all uniquely built. Because if we were all the same, there would be some inevitable trend that pops up and changes the game. But more than that, life would be boring.


Like most things in a society, body image standards are a man made invention. Certain companies make it their mission to have you believe that in order to feel worthy, you have to look a certain way. And don’t get us started on social media (okay we’ve already started it’s too late now). 

Social media is a whole new animal. Yes, new. Social media is less than 30 years old, yet it perpetuates body image issues at a rate unlike anyone has ever seen before. 


Statistics show that 88% of women compare themselves to others on social media on a regular basis. 


That's 88% of women who are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and toxic relationships with food. 


That icky feeling you get when you see that Instagram model and wish you looked like her isn’t your fault. They manufactured that feeling, wrapped it up in a pretty bow, and dropped it on your doorstep. Sent by the companies who benefit from making you believe that you aren’t good enough and continue to damage your body image.


We’re not telling you anything you haven’t heard before. But when it comes to body image, we’re here to remind you that your worth is not tied to what society tells us is “in” at the moment.


Evolving out of these impossible beauty standards, and into your own personal body image bliss takes practice. 


How Can I Stop Social Media’s Effect on My Body Image?


Messages like ‘how to lose 10 pounds quick’, ‘eat this one food for weight loss’, and ‘how to grow your butt as you trim your waist’ are everywhere, and it’s hard to ignore them as you scroll past. 


That’s why we created a small list of actions you can take right now to get you out of the body image muck.


1. Unfollow 👋


Say goodbye to any brands, individuals, or accounts that make you feel anything but worthy. We like to say, if it doesn’t make you feel inspired, excited, happy, or get you thinking in a constructive way, get rid of it. Unfollow anything that makes you feel self-conscious, ashamed, depressed, or hopeless. Ain’t nobody got time for that. You are beautiful, on the inside and out. Don’t allow anyone into your circle who makes you feel less than.


2. Less screen time 📵


If you’re anything like us, you spend *way* too much time on your phone (to be fair, what millennial/genZer doesn’t). You have the whole world at your fingertips. And it’s so tempting to dive right into that digital world and forget that the real one is still around you. But look at it this way: the less time you’re on your phone, the more time you spend living your life, not everyone else’s. So go lay by the pool in your adorable Portside one piece, read a book, sip a cocktail, and focus on the now.


3. Be mindful of who you let influence you 🌟


Now, we’re not saying you should never go on TikTok and watch cute farm animal videos (anyone who tells you to stop watching cute animal videos online should not be trusted).


But when you do decide to give your time and attention to your screen, try to filter out toxicity by looking at things that make you smile


Make sure your feed is full of things that make your heart happy. At Portside, our feed is filled with other small businesses we love to support, like artists and musicians. Make your own small list of your favorite things to scroll past and only let those things into your gorgeous mind.


4. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend 👯


When you look in the mirror, you probably end up bullying yourself. You are your own worst critic. It’s normal to add to your own body image issues by validating society’s ridiculous standards. 


But only because they tell you that it’s normal. 


They keep you in a cycle of your own harmful thoughts. They tell you that you aren’t good enough, advertise products that will make you feel better, and then convince you that it was normal to feel that way in the first place. 


You can break that cycle. 

You are the narrator of your own mind, not that weight loss ad you saw on facebook the other day. Speak to yourself like you would to your best friend. Would you tell your best friend that she can’t pull off that bikini and should be ashamed when she looks in the mirror? Of course not! You would encourage her and tell her that she is stunning and can absolutely pull off that cute suit and will turn so many heads at the beach where you’re about to go get a tan (remember your sunscreen!).


5. Let yourself off the hook 😮‍💨


We are addicted to our phones. It’s the way of the world right now. And even if we’re aware of it, it’s extremely hard to break free. So if you find yourself falling back into old patterns, negative self-talk, or scrolling without blinking for 3 hours, it’s okay! Don’t punish yourself for getting sucked into the addicting world of highlight reels and faux reality. 


The escape feels good and that’s why we do it. 


Scrolling through apps that feed you a constant stream of information releases those feel good chemicals in your brain. For every like you get on that beach post, your brain feeds you a little bit more dopamine. 


Social media was designed with attachment in mind. We want you to know in your heart that your worth has never been and will never be dependent on numbers of likes or views. No matter what the algorithm says. 


But if you catch yourself getting caught up in it again, remember to take a breath and forgive yourself. Healing your body image is a marathon, not a sprint.


You’ve got this 💪


Understanding how society has convinced you to develop poor body image is the first step to reversing the damage. We are all breaking out of the patterns that have been planted in us from the start. 


And we’re coming out the other side with the knowledge that we are all supposed to be different. And that is a beautiful thing.


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