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Portside Swim Club is a female-owned small business, featuring prints by independent female artists and designers. Founded off the New Jersey coast, Portside is size inclusive with plans to expand into gender inclusive swimwear. Environmental sustainability practices are a priority for us, so Portside uses manufacturers who understand the importance of responsible and ethical production. To read more about how our manufacturers operate, check out our FAQ! Portside is made for the beachgoer who loves to feel fun and confident while still looking unique and stylish under the sun's rays.

About the Founder

Sarah Prizzi

I have always loved buying new bathing suits for summer, but I found that the process wasn't always pleasant. Between sizing inconsistencies, quality issues, or unattainable prices, I often found that an exciting experience could become overwhelming or upsetting. I wanted to create a more positive experience around swimwear, so others wouldn't have to feel that sense of disappointment. Understanding how personal and intimate it can be to try on or wear a bathing suit, I saw the opportunity to make that experience feel comfortable and empowering. In wanting to create a safe and inclusive environment around swimwear, Portside Swim Club was founded with the intention of learning, growing, and improving this process along the way with welcomed feedback.

Meet Our Artists

Lauren Rubin // @Littlewalkingdot

Lauren is a creative who can do it all, but luckily for us, she has a love for digital art. She is the brilliant mind behind the prints In BloomMain Squeeze. You can check out her work on her instagram or purchase more of her creations on her Society 6 account.

Meet Our Team

Jess Meade

Redheaded woman wearing a Portside Swim Club crewneck

Jess is a copywriter for eco-conscious brands and is our very own resident blogger. She will be writing blogs on all sorts of exciting topics. You may even get an email from her now and then! Check out her latest entries on The Swim Club Blog here.


Contact Us

Email: SwimTeam@PortsideSwimClub.com

DM us on Instagram: @PortsideSwimClub